Intermediate Ballroom Dance Instruction DVDs

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For those who have a very solid foundation of patterns and abilities, experienced dancers come to Dance Lovers with a wide range of exposure to various dances. And of course not everyone wants more instruction in the same dances.  (Some experienced dancers are surprised at the amount of information and Intermediate level instruction even in our Beginners DVDs).

That's why Dance Lovers has three options for Intermediate level Ballroom Dancers:

1. Purchase the Intermediate Ballroom Favorites package
2. Purchase individual DVDs on the dances you wish to concentrate on
3. Choose 4 or more DVDs in any combination that interests you for special package savings. *

And if you're ready for a real challenge, look at the Advanced Ballroom Package.

1. Intermediate Ballroom Dance Packages

Dance Lovers Intermediate Ballroom Favorites Package * combines all five video programs. These DVDs take you through 89 Intermediate level patterns in our five most popular ballroom dances - Waltz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Rumba, and Single & Triple Swing - all for only $100. You'll save $100.

Dance Lovers Complete Intermediate Ballroom Package
5 discs $200.00 only $100
Running Time over 4 hours

2. Individual DVDs for your favorite dances

Dance Lovers Intermediate Single and Triple Swing will help you quickly master 21 steps and two routines.

Dance Lovers Intermediate Foxtrot will help you round out your repertoire with 17 additional patterns.

Dance Lovers Intermediate Waltz will help you look great on any dance floor with 17 new steps.

Dance Lovers Intermediate Cha Cha will help you quickly master 17 steps and a routine.

Dance Lovers Intermediate Rumba will help you look great on any dance floor with 17 patterns and two routines.

3. Make Your Own Package

If you haven't yet tried the Quickstep, Samba, or Viennese Waltz, you'll find them challenging and fun. Dance Lovers also has instructional DVDs in 17 other popular dances.