Advanced Swing (East Coast)

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Learn 24 steps and a routine in the challenging Advanced Swing.

Your instructors, Foster and Judi Lampert, have over 40 years of combined teaching experience to make your learning quick, easy, fun and effective.

You do a great job on those tapes, really enjoy them. R. P. - Peoria, IL   More Testimonials

You'll learn the following steps:

  1. Conceited Man
  2. Wrap to Tap
  3. Twin Neck Wrap
  4. Windows
  5. Continuous Tuck
  6. Revolving Door
  7. Sliding Door
  8. Tuck with Double Underarm
  9. Explosion and Roll Up
  10. Pretzel
  11. Sailor Shuffle
  12. Shuffles and Shadows
  13. Mixmaster with Double Face Loop
  14. Shoulder Catch
  15. Promenade Triple with Taps and Kick
  16. Reverse Tuck
  17. Egg Beater
  18. Cross Kicks
  19. Throw Out with Syncopated Points
  20. Back to Back with Advanced Ending
  21. Advanced Open Crosses
  22. Freeze
  23. Swing Chasse'
  24. Advanced Sugar Push with Skip Hops