Beginning/Intermediate Bolero

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It's Not a Tease, It's Bolero

Bolero is one of the most beautiful, graceful, romantic dances ever created, danced to very slow Rumba music and counted Slow Quick Quick. The idea of Bolero is a little like a game of yes, no. come here, go away. I love you, I love you not. Mmmmm. The music is frequently arranged with Spanish vocals and subtle percussion effect, usually implemented with Conga or Bongos.

Your instructors, Foster and Judi Lampert, have over 40 years of combined teaching experience to make your learning quick, easy, fun and effective.

I recommend it
I enjoy the very good instructions and I recommend it to my friends. H. M. - Switzerland   More Testimonials

You'll learn the following steps:

  1. Basic & Turning
  2. Crossover Breaks
  3. Underarm Turn
  4. Double Back Breaks
  5. Cross Lead (also w/Crossover)
  6. Crossover with Traveling Underarm
  7. Passing Hand Changes
  8. Turnaround w/Reverse Turn
  9. Grapevine
  10. Underarm Pass (also w/Sugarfoot)
  11. Same Hand Crossover
  12. Danson
  13. Advanced Traveling Cross
  14. Fencing Line
  15. Sweetheart Reverse
  16. Same Hand Crossover w/Reverse Sweetheart
  17. Side Pass with Sweetheart Wrap
  18. Aida