Line Dance

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The Freeze, Tush Push, Achy Breaky plus 6 more!

Line dances are choreographed series of steps performed by groups of dancers at all kinds of social gatherings. Each dance has its own unique patterns.

Line dances are popular for two primary reasons. First, because you'll have a great low-impact aerobic workout disguised as a footstompin' good time. Second, since line dancing is done in unison, you don't need a partner. With a partner, line dances are twice as much fun.

Learn sound fundamentals of nine different line dances

Dance Lovers lessons are quick, easy, fun, and effective. You'll learn the Freeze, the Achy Breaky, the Cowboy Boogie, Slappin' Leather, Flying Eight, Shot Gun, Tush Push, the Bar Room Boogie, and a surprise bonus dance.

Once you've accomplished these, you'll be able to pick up the steps of any line dance.

Dance Lovers Line Dance DVD will help you quickly learn the routines in 9 different dances.

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You'll learn the following steps:

  1. The Freeze
  2. Cowboy Boogie
  3. Flying Eight
  4. Shot Gun
  5. Slappin' Leather
  6. Tush Push
  7. Achy Breaky
  8. Bar Room Boogie
  9. (Surprise Line Dance)