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Cool and Carefree


East Coast Swing (sometimes called the Jitterbug) is a fast, exuberant, non-progressive dance which works well on any crowded floor. Swing is carefree, relaxed, and fun with spins and intricate patterns. It works equally well with Big Band, Motown, and Rock & Roll, over a wide range of tempos from moderately slow to very fast.


Dance Lovers 3 DVD Swing series will take you from beginner to advanced in one of the most exciting partner dances you'll ever learn.


Learn Swing steps from beginner to advanced, with enough syncopated steps to keep you bopping and triple-stepping for months.


Dance Lovers Beginning Swing will take you through the fundamentals of 19 foundation steps and a routine.


Dance Lovers Intermediate Swing will help you quickly master 21 steps.


Dance Lovers Advanced Swing explores the in 24 advanced steps and another complete routine.


Dance Lovers Total Swing Package combines all three video programs and takes you through 64 patterns, plus two routines.


First class products.  Thanks a million for an outstanding experience. First class people & products!!! M. M. - San Marcos, CA

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