West Coast Swing Dance Instruction DVDs

Hot and Flashy

In the late 1940s too many injuries from kicks and jumps got the jitterbug banned from dance halls all across the country. West Coast Swing grew out of limiting the dancer's floor space to a "slot." (There's a rumor that this version became popular in Hollywood because the wide angle lens hadn't been invented, yet).

West Coast Swing is an interpretive and fun dance characterized by flashy spins, taps and shuffles, and the push and pull compression technique of partner connection. From warm and slinky to funky with abandon, West Coast Swing is one of the most improvisational dances. It can be danced with music ranging from jazz, to rhythm and blues, to top 40, country, or even disco.

We carry two brands of West Coast Swing DVDs.

Dance Lovers West Coast Swing DVD will get you on the dance floor fast.

Choose our Dance Lovers DVD, with your instructors Foster and Judi Lampert, if you want a solid introduction to West Coast Swing.

You'll quickly master the fundamentals of 14 fun foundation steps and a routine.

  1. Basic (Sugar Push)
  2. Underarm Turn
  3. Left Side Pass
  4. Right Hand Pass
  5. Right Hand Pass with Tuck
  6. Sugar Tuck from Left Side Pass
  7. Sugar Tuck to Twin
  8. Basic Whip (2 count)
  9. Whip with Outside Underarm
  10. Advanced Whip (6 count)
  11. Two Hand Tummy Tuck
  12. Freeze
  13. Jazz Movement
  14. East Coast Conversion
We love your ballroom dance DVD's! They are just what we were looking for - great for quick reviews as well as learning a variety of steps for each dance. Our dance friends are also quite impressed and have ordered sets for themselves. Thanks! P. & M. W. - West Chester, OH   More Testimonials

Grant Austin West Coast Swing DVDs

For the ultimate West Coast Swing experience choose the Grant Austin West Coast Swing collection. This collection has a total of 6 DVDs! 4 instructional DVDs with over 5 hours of instruction and 2 syncopation DVDs for the man and woman wanting to learn EVERYTHING about West Coast Swing.

Smooth and 'Cool'

WCS is a slotted dance: the follower travels back and forth along a shoulder width rectangle, called the slot, with respect to the leader. The leader is more stationary but will move in and out of the slot depending on the pattern led. A general rule is that the leader leaves the slot only to give way for the follower to pass him.

Your instructor, Grant Austin is one of the nation's top instructors. Whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting out, Grant can show you how to shine on any dance floor.

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Thanks a million for an outstanding experience. First class people & products!!! M. M. - San Marcos, CA   More Testimonials
If you just want the basics OR you're already past the basics, then choose one or two individual courses.

Excellent learning tools
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K. T. - New Brunswick, Canada   More Testimonials

West Coast Swing Syncopation DVDs

Spice up your anchor-steps with these DVDs of fancy footwork and dancing.

These DVDs are recommended for Intermediate or Advanced level dancers only!

Your instructor, Grant Austin is one of the nation's top instructors. Whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting out, Grant can show you how to shine on any dance floor.

Thanks for a quality production
We're members of 3 dance clubs and have just started shagging. Your attention to posture, hands, footwork is so good. Plus, camera angles and repetition afforded make it easy to learn. We'll be ordering more... We'll be delighted to promote Dance Lovers and it's DVD instruction... Thanks for a quality production and great business practices! Cordially B. V. - Richmond, VA   More Testimonials

Very impressive!
I usually don't write after we receive orders, but I was so impressed I had to let you know. We ordered our videos on Saturday and they were in our mail box on Monday. While the post office gets some credit, you obviously packed and shipped them as soon as you got the order, literally! I would be hard pressed to drive from NC to NH in the time it took the order to get here. Very impressive! A. & T. S. - Londonderry, NH   More Testimonials