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Overcome Embarrassment on the Dance Floor


After four decades of teaching, we've noticed some things about beginning dancers. Many are reluctant to start dancing because they fear being embarrassed by their lack of dancing skills.


They tell us they can't hear the beat, that they have no sense of rhythm, that they have two left feet. And they don't want to join a class because they don't even want other people who can't dance to see their first attempts.


But another equally valid observation: people who know exactly what they're doing don't get embarrassed. They radiate a confidence that's infectious.


And the difference between them? Great instruction and lots of practice.


You can have that confidence. Dance Lovers can help you learn to dance.


Look over any of our Beginners Series DVDs. Each pattern on every disc is fully explained and demonstrated from his perspective, then from hers. Finally, you'll see how they fit together, slowly at first, and then with style and timing at full speed.


In the privacy of your home you'll be able to practice every nuance of each pattern until you know with certainty that you're doing everything exactly right. From there you'll step on to the dance floor with courage and confidence. It won't be long before you're a dance lover, too.


For beginning dancers we recommend Beginners Ballroom DVDs.


The Dance Lovers Ballroom 1 DVD is a great way to get started. It's the same information we teach in a 12 week course. You'll learn 28 steps in the 5 most popular Ballroom Dances, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba and Swing.


Those dances are also available as individual beginning DVDs.


Dance Lovers Beginning Swing will help you quickly master 19 steps and a routine.


Dance Lovers Beginning Foxtrot will add 15 additional patterns and 3 routines to your repertoire.


Dance Lovers Beginning Waltz has 16 new moves to help you look great on any dance floor.


Dance Lovers Beginning Cha Cha will extend your skills with 14 new steps.


Dance Lovers Beginning Rumba will demonstrate 13 additional patterns.


Each dance lesson offers a number of "patterns" or dance moves that will help you get around the floor in style. And you'll notice that once you've learned a few basic steps you'll use them with a lot of different rhythms. No matter what the music, you'll be prepared.


Is there a dance that you've always wanted to learn?

Dance Lovers also has instructional DVDs in 17 other popular dances. Choose any from the column at the left.

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