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Thanks for a quality production

We're members of 3 dance clubs and have just started shagging. Your attention to posture, hands, footwork is so good. Plus, camera angles and repetition afforded make it easy to learn. We'll be ordering more... We'll be delighted to promote Dance Lovers and it's DVD instruction... Thanks for a quality production and great business practices! Cordially B. V. - Richmond, VA


Your tapes are great!

"I don't see how they could be better. I have some other peoples tapes and there's no comparison."

E. B. - Southampton, NJ


Ideal for learning social dancing

"Your video lessons are ideal for learning social dancing, and are a valuable supplement to my local dance studio's dance lessons. So, thank you for being my personal teacher."

T.V. - Tiburon, CA


"Yours are by far the best

I have seen for my needs to improve my social dancing."

C. A. - Hartford, PA


"We love your ballroom dance DVD's!

They are just what we were looking for - great for quick reviews as well as learning a variety of steps for each dance. Our dance friends are also quite impressed and have ordered sets for themselves. Thanks!"

P. & M. W. - West Chester, OHL


They look great!

"Received your videos today. We reviewed three of them, and they look great. Can't wait to get started! Happy dancing!"

R. S.


Yours is far and away the best

"We have been using your beginning cha cha DVD and we love it !! Your directions, both visual and verbal, are clear and easy to follow plus you give very good directions on how-to-lead-the-steps for the men. I've watched other how-to-dance videos from our local library and yours is far and away the best. You demonstrate lots of steps for the dance whereas the others only gave the basic plus only 3-4 other moves... boring! Love your variety!"

C. T.


"You two are the 'go to guys'

when we practice, and have questions, about steps or techniques... We find your Videos of great value, because it offers us different things, like how to Chest-lead, don't use the arms, how the different steps are constructed. Also you give us different steps, that we don't get in classes..."

M. S.



for the great service..."

W. S. - Crystal Lake, IL


"Your tapes are the best

instructional dance tapes that I have seen! Keep up the good work."

D. H. - Metairie, LA


"You have my sincere approval

I have tapes from three other parties, but they don't compare with your tapes at all - I am completely fascinated with yours."

S. M. - Grand Isle, FL


"Your video tapes are the best ever

...very helpful...also appreciate the music tapes on audio cassettes. Thank you."

E. D. - Columbia, MO


Now have found what I've been looking for

"I have been teaching many years, and have many tapes - but now have found what I've been looking for - Thank you so much!"

M. A. L. - Williston Park, NY


"You do a great job

on those tapes, really enjoy them."

R. P. - Peoria, IL


I recommend it

"I enjoy the very good instructions and I recommend it to my friends."

H. M. - Switzerland


The best I've seen

"I find your videos to be the best I've seen. I just ordered 4 more including Hustle 1."

A. O.


"I received the CD today. It is great.

I know my husband and I will enjoy learning new steps from this CD. My husband is interested in learning new dances so hopefully I will be ordering more CD's in the near future."

C. M.


I ordered and am very impressed

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the dvd's I ordered and am very impressed with the way the instructions are being taught--we love them and they are great for our continued dance lessons.. thanks again for the great dvd's"

M. K.


I have enjoyed them all immensely

"Hi Judi, Thanks so much for your quick reply!!! I purchased four different dance DVD's packages from you. I have enjoyed them all immensely. Keep on dancing."



They look just excellent

"I have recently purchased your Beginning Waltz, Beginning Foxtrot, Ballad, Viennese Waltz and Beginning Swing dvds. I have previewed them and they look just excellent. Thank you again for making your wonderful dvds available."

B. B.


"Thanks for some great instructional dvd's.

We recently purchased your whole instructional collection and practice music - and while we are slow dance learners - we find your instruction easy to follow and very helpful!"

D. B.


They are great

"We received the dance CD's. They are great. My husband watches them everyday and tries new steps. Thank You."

T. & K. H.


"Your Dvd's are the best.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your service is extraordinary."

J. D.


I love it

"Thank you so much Judi. By the way, I am enjoying the Beginners Samba video. I love it."

J. D.


"Thank you Judi

Your customer service is 5 star!!"



"Thank you for helping us learn to dance.

We are encouraged at our growth rate, and we would like to also purchase your Beginning/Intermediate Viennese Waltz instruction... We have highly recommended your instruction to four interested couples, and to our son, who is getting married in June 2006."

S. & S. J. - Oakdale, CT


I think they are great

"I have purchased about 22+ DVD's from you. I think they are great."

D. O. - Sioux Falls, SD


loved them

"I watched the VHS tapes last night in the bedroom before going to bed and loved them."

H.B. - McKinney, TX



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